Brand Positioning

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Your company's brand is about much more than its name and logo. While it does include those things, it also is in the way you define and present your competitive edge. It's how you're positioned to speak to your target audience so that your message and your values are well-received.

Whether you're launching a new startup or looking to reposition your established company, I'll help you develop your brand positioning within the marketplace, identify your core target audience, refine your key messages, and hone in on the channels to use to tell your story.

I offer two brand positioning packages:


Set clear intentions from the get-go and establish an internal compass to guide you as your venture grows. 


Rebuild or evolve your brand positioning to better connect with your target audience and increase market share. 

These offerings are uniquely tailored to suit your needs, though all packages include the following deliverables:

  • Discovery questionnaire for you and your team
  • 360-degree brand audit and competitive analysis
  • Facilitation of team strategy sessions
  • Brand positioning guide
  • Messaging map that outlines your core values and supporting messages

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